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BabySteps play area - Peony Dreamland

BabySteps play area - Peony Dreamland

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Colorful play area with sensory toys. Playing on it supports the development of multiple different senses (sight, hearing, feeling) as well as motor skills. It encourages the child to reach for the toys hanging from it and practice different skills. The fabric of the base has beautiful pictures and colors on it. The arcs have multiple loops to attach the toys to. However, the toys can also be used on their own. This high quality product is made in Europe.


  • Diameter approx. 90 cm
  • Height approx. 60 cm

4 sensory toys:

  • Owl with rustling elements
  • Flower mirror - safe for children to play with
  • Rattling crown
  • Squeaking peony


  • Arches and the mat edge 100 % polyester
  • Mat central 100 % cotton



The brand's products are made with precision from safe, high quality materials. Thanks to BabySteps' educated and competent employees and quality control, BabySteps guarantees responsibility, high quality and unique design.

Product number: 8135

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