Akuku heating pad, yellow

Akuku heating pad, yellow

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Product description

  • This heating pad is filled with cherry stones that have been carefully dried and picked out. It can stay warm for up to an hour. It releases heat slowly and steadily, and thus is gentle on the skin. The heat pad can be used to ease pain caused by baby colic or periods, as well as muscle pain. It can also be used right before breast feeding as the heat might help open up a plugged milk duct.
  • You might also want to use a cooled pillow when it comes to treating sprains, fever, headache or bug bites, for example. This method might also help with the pain caused by mastitis.
  • The pillow can be heated without the cover in a microwave (650W/1,5min) or in an oven (130°C/10min). You can cool it in the freezer (30-60 min) or in the fridge (about 2h). The cover can be washed by hand or in the machine in 40°C.