The practicality and safety of the garment is always trendy in children's clothing. A high quality product will serve for many years and can be passed on to the next user if needed. The Jesper Junior range of children's clothing is built first and foremost with the customer in mind.

# 1: We want to encourage kids to go play outdoors in all kinds of weather!
That is why we produce clothes that are good for play and outdoor activities at any time of the year - even under demanding conditions. At Jesper Junior you will find children's outdoor clothing such as jackets, trousers, overalls and rainwear made from high-quality technical materials. For winter snow activities it is good to wear a thick winter jacket and trousers. A practical winter coverall is also an excellent choice in the winter blizzards.

# 2: Kids Can Be Kids!
The products in our range of children's clothing always fit into the magical world of children's safety and comfort. There's a great selection of kids' shirts, pants and dresses for everyday use, and a good selection of accessories to go with them!

# 3: Happy and healthy feet
Choosing the right shoe size is important for your child's foot development and motor skills. The wrong size shoe can steer the child's foot in the wrong direction. When the temperatures start sinking and autumn approaches, summer shoes and sneakers should be replaced with boots. Rubber boots are the number one item for rainy days.

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