Jonathan since 1992

Saila Salonen, head designer, is behind the children's outdoor clothing brand:

  • Age: 35 years old, children aged 6 years and 4 years old
  • Hobbies: Crafts and sport! Creating with my hands is a relaxation for me, whether it is knitting a woolen socks, crocheting lace or sewing new dresses for my goddaughter. On the sports side tennis and running are my passions! In the summer, I retreat to the peace of a 100-year-old log cabin in the countryside. The sun, the cottage and the flies are what makes my summer!
  • 3 things that you and your kids share: Exercise, laughter and larking about.
  • 3 things you always carry with you: Big handbag, scarf and a chocolate bar.
  • Describe your perfect day: Warm summer day at the cottage with my family, and knowing that tomorrow we will do something nice again, like fishing from the end of the pier.

Jonathan's chief designer Saila Salonen has two sons. The dynamic duois part of Jonathan's real life testing team.

How did you end up as a clothing designer?

Even as a little girl I was drawing pictures of clothes that my mother then sewed for me. I always dressed in clothes that my mother made, and later also in ones that were made by me. I got hooked on the world of children's clothing was already when I was studying clothing design. I was particularly excited about playful prints and colors. I also had dreams of becoming a kindergarten teacher, so as a children's clothing designer in a way I managed to combine both my interests.

What is your regular day as a designer?

I go through a terrific amount of emails and work with product models. I edit templates and coordinate colors. I collect feedback from the stores, follow the production and maintain contact with the factories. At the same time, I also think about the future. At the design stage of the new collection, the work is a lot of drawing and playing with fabrics and colors. I usually deal with three high seasons at the same time: the current collection in stores, the next seasons collection at the factory and the third collection in the design phase. In the middle of the hustle, it's important to stop for a moment to enjoy a cup of tea and a big piece of chocolate!

Where did Jonathan's collection get inspired this winter?

For this winters collection I wanted a clear change to the previous one. The aim was versatility and a few new product types. Designwise, the collection was born quickly! The patterns and colors were almost the result of one inspiration trip. I listened to a lot of wishes and feedback from customers. I would say that the new collection is more courageous than earlier and more likely to divide opinions. The new brave line will also be the goal in future collections. I want to offer something different and break away from the so-called pink-turquoise line.

What are you doing at the moment?

I just finished the plans for next autumn's Jonathan collection. At the moment, I'm making guidelines for a future collection.

What is your favorite collection or product?

There are always a few favorite products in each collection. It may even be a basic item like mittens, or, for example, the pattern of a product that has been spinning at the thought level for years. I get extreme pleasure, if the production process has been as successful, or I have been able to produce a really good fit after of tens of test fittings. In the spring of 2013, the Star Jonathan's ball-patterned coat is still one of my favorites! The Winter 2012/2013 collection has a pattern that is even now delightful when I see some child wearing it. From the current collection, my favourites are definitely black-and-white products. I did a lot of work to get the right appearance, and oh my word, how the end result looks good!

What is Jonathan?

Jonathan is a children's outdoor wear brand registered by Faor Oy. The brand was developed in 1992 to expand the Jesper Junior's own brands and provide high quality outdoor wear for any weather.

The Jonathan brand products are designed in Finland. In addition to safety, the design principles are based on user feedback. We appreciate user experience and feedback. Our products are tested by a number of children of different sizes and age, from whom we receive valuable practical feedback on, for example, the functionality, durability and design of new materials. Before production we test all the materials used in the products under laboratory conditions. In addition to the features, we test for any harmful substances.

We want to encourage children to go outside, no matter what the weather is. That's why we make products that are great for playing and outdoor activity at any time of the year - even in demanding conditions.

Jonathan AW17 / 18 is full of energy and bold lines! Also featured are woolen hats, -caps and gloves that are made in Finland.