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In cold weather, how does Jonathan wear hold up?
The materials used in Jonathan products withstand extremely cold temperatures. In the harshest winter frosts, the materials may become slightly stiff, which does not affect the properties of the product.

We recommend dressing in layers as the feeling of warmth of the children is very individual. For example, a wool suit or a fleece jacket is a perfect layer to wear under a winter overall. The warmth of winter garments are based on a layer of air formed between the skin and the garment. Adding breathable clothes under the outer wear helps form this insulating layer. The temperature of the child can be monitored especially from the fingers and toes during outdoor activities.

Can I put Jonathan products in a tumble dryer or drying closet?
The use of a tumble dryer or drying closet is not recommended as the products also dry quickly at room temperature. If necessary, you can dry your clothes in a tumble dryer or drying closet that can be set to 40 degrees Celsius. At temperatures above 40 degrees, the waterproof membrane on the underside of the fabric may be damaged. Information on the use of the dryer and drying closet has been added to the washing instructions since spring 2014.

Can I use a stain remover for difficult stains?
Jonathan fabrics are resistant to non-soluble and acetone free stain removers. Stain removers are quite strong and, when used in excessive amounts, can discolour colors. Therefore, it is a good idea to try the stain remover first on a small area in an inconspicuous area, such as the inside of the hem or leg. We recommend treating stains as soon as possible - remember that Jonathan products should not be soaked. When making a purchasing decision, it is good to note that light colors are more sensitive to dirt.

How large is Jonathan's sizing?
Jonathan products are generally slightly large by design. The sizing has been designed to take into account the additional layers of clothing needed to control the child's warmth. As a result, outdoor clothing becomes more versatile.

Due to its slightly large dimensions, there is enough air space between the skin and the outer garment. The air layer either transmits or absorbs heat released from the skin as needed.

How to choose the right size?
The size designation of the outdoor clothing corresponds to the actual height of the child. For example, a 110 cm garment is intended for a 110 cm tall child. Check the proportions of the child and the garment, as for example, children's back lengths often varie with children of the same length.

Do waterproof materials breathe?
Yes. The coated fabric contains micropores, or small holes. The holes are small enough to prevent water from infiltrating the material, but large enough to release small droplets of sweat of molecular size.

A tight-fitting garment does not have enough space for the temperature-regulating layer of the air, causing the person to sweat or feel cold. All openings in the garment increase ventilation and temperature control: adjustable cuffs, hem, hood, neckline and more.

Do Jonathan products contain harmful chemicals?
Jonathan products comply with REACH. REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) is a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council regulating, among other things, the use of banned substances and chemicals. Jonathan products do not use any of the chemicals on the REACH Prohibited List because they have been identified as hazardous to the environment and to humans. Prohibited substances include: some perfluorinated compounds used in product finishing (such as PFOS and PFOA) which give the product dirt and water repellency properties. Since the Jonathan Spring 2017 collection, all perfluorinated compounds have been replaced by BIONIC-FINISH® ECO, a fluorine-free finish created by the German Rudolf Group.

How are Jonathan products designed?
Jonathan brand products are designed in Finland. In addition to safety, design is based on user feedback. We value the user experience and the feedback we receive. Our products are tested by a number of children of different sizes and ages, providing valuable practical feedback on, for example, the functionality, durability or measurements of the new model. Before production, we test all materials used in the products under laboratory conditions. In addition to properties such as waterproofing, we test for any harmful substances.

Where are Jonathan Products Made?
Jonathan products are manufactured in carefully controlled factories mainly in China and the Far East. Some knitwear are manufactured in Finland. We have been cooperating with the factories we use for years. Our long-term cooperation is based on mutual trust and the common goal of producing high quality and safe children's clothing.

The Jonathan Quality Manual defines the requirements for both the product being manufactured and the working conditions. Our factories are staffed by inspectors who monitor working conditions and product quality. We also visit our factories on a regular basis to monitor the entire production process. All our factories are part of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative).