Instructions and rules for the customer

Consumer customers:

FAOR Oy (Finnish business ID: 0947351-7) handles the Jesper Junior online store. Below you will find the terms of ordering. We reserve the right to change terms without notice. By purchasing our products, you agree to be bound by these terms.


Customer Information

Order confirmation




Returns & Complaints

This is how you return



Privacy policy


Customer Information

When you register as a customer, you will receive an email confirmation of your registration. Check that all data is correct. If you do not receive confirmation, you may have entered your email address incorrectly. You can visit our online shop to review your customer information. The email address, which also serves as your username, must be functional so that you can receive confirmation of your orders by email. A text message may also be sent to your phone number when the order is available, check that it is also correct.

Order confirmation

Once we have received your order, we will send you an order confirmation email with details of your order. Always check the order confirmation to make sure that the information is correct. If you are unsure about anything, please contact our customer service immediately (asiakaspalvelu@jesperjunior.fi). Save your order confirmation, you need it when contacting customer service. It is easier and faster to do business if you report your customer and order numbers.


All purchases made through our webshop are paid using the service of Paytrail Oyj. After reviewing your order and completing your personal information if necessary, you will proceed to pay for your purchase with Paytrail Corporation. After the payment transaction, you will automatically return to our online store. An order confirmation will be sent to your email.

Online Banking

Paytrail Oyj (Finnish business ID: 2122839-7), a payment intermediation service for online banking, cooperates with Finnish banks and credit institutions. From the user's perspective, the service works just like traditional online payment.

Payments with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard

If you want to pay with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard, Jesper Junior will only act as a marketer for products and services and will also deliver the products to the buyer. Paytrail Oyj is responsible for complaints.

Paytrail Oyj acts as a seller of the product for payments with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard, and the transaction is created between the customer and Paytrail Oyj. The Seller is responsible for all trade related obligations. Paytrail Oyj is also a payee.

Payment using Paytrail account

When using a Paytrail account, the payment is made on Paytrail's service. Paytrail and the cardholder are the parties to the payment transaction for card payments through the Paytrail account.

Paytrail contact information:

Paytrail Oyj, Business ID: 2122839-7

Innova 2

Lutakonaukio 7

40100 Jyväskylä

Phone: 0207 181830

Faor Oy does not have access to customer account or credit card information, and does not save such information. Personal data are used in accordance with the Finnish Personal Data Act.

VAT 24% is included in all prices.


We currently deliver orders to most countries in the world.

Orders to Åland: The Åland Islands are located outside the Finnish tax border, and for Åland shipment, the customer will pay VAT to the Åland customs. In order to avoid double charging, we sell the products to Åland without VAT. The tax-free order is currently not available in the online store, so please contact our customer service before ordering. Customer Service Email Address: asiakaspalvelu@jesperjunior.fi

Shipping Costs

Delivery costs to Finland are EUR 4.95. To other countries, the shipping costs are between 10-30 €.

Delivery Methods

The Jesper Junior webshop will send Finnish orders at the customer's choice either via Post or Matkahuolto. International orders will be delivered via EMS or Parcel Connect. If the product is damaged or lost during transportation, FAOR Oy is liable. In this case you must notify our customer service within 14 days. If the product is damaged or lost after you have sent a return package to us, you are liable.

For orders to Finland: You can choose from Post or Matkahuolto. If your order is small and can fit in an A4 envelope, you can get your order directly to your home at no extra cost.

Packages will be delivered to your nearest Post or Matkahuolto office. You will get a confirmation email as soon as the order is packed and ready to be shipped (incl. tracking code). Posti or Matkahuolto sends you a text message when the package arrives and can be picked up. Posti will store the packages for 7 days and Matkahuolto for 14 days, after which the uncollected order will be automatically returned to the sender.

Delivery time

Finland: The normal delivery time of our e-shop via Posti is 2-7 business days and via Matkahuolto 1-7 business days.

International: The normal delivery time varies between 3-10 business days.

The delivery time may be somewhat longer during a campaign, season or peak.

We reserve the right to sell out, extended delivery time, and possible price errors. Please contact our Customer Service if you want to cancel your order or if you have any other questions.


Our internal security system gives a warning signal if an order is suspected to be illegal. The security system is based on various parameters that our security experts and other partners have installed.

If the security system alerts, we will not deliver the order. Unfortunately, this may also lead to the failure to deliver a fully legal order. We hope to understand this, because it is in place for your purchasing safety as a customer.

All suspicions of fraud are reported to officials and to security officers.

Returns & Complaints

Of course we at jesperjunior.fi want you to be satisfied with the products you order. That is why you always have a 14-day return and exchange right. Our only condition is that the product comes back in its original condition, ie unused and with all product labels in place. Return the product with original packaging and brand labels included. Follow steps 1 & 2 when returning your products. If you have received the wrong product or have any other questions about your order, we hope that you will contact us via our customer service asiakaspalvelu@jesperjunior.fi to speed up the process. Underwear, socks and tights have no right to return.

This is how you return

Step 1: Packing

When returning the products, preferably use the same packaging that you received them in. Include the return form that came with the shipment. If necessary, you can print it yourself here. Please fill in the form carefully.

Step 2: Shipping

From Finland:

Orders received through Posti: Write “Asiakaspalautus / Jesper Junior” on the package and leave the package to the nearest post office. Request a receipt of the return.

Orders received through Matkahuolto: return the package to the pickup point in its original packaging. Matkahuolto's return number is 9502558. It can be asked in connection with the return. Keep receipt of return.

In returns and complaints, we pay the return costs. However, please note that you as a customer are financially responsible for the return packages delivery to us.

From international orders:

You may return products by mail to:

Jesper Junior

Lyhtytie 5

00750 Helsinki


The returns from international orders are not free of charge and should be paid by the customer.

Refund of returned products

We will refund your account within 14 days after we receive your return. The refund will always be made to your account, regardless of the payment method you have chosen.

Replacement of returned products

You can change products to another size or to another product by entering the information on the item you want to replace on the order line of the return form. If the value of the product / products on the site is greater than the return, we will invoice for the difference in prices and deliver the products coming from the exchange when the payment is shown in our account. The invoice will be sent by email. If, on the other hand, the value of the replacement products is less than the return, we will refund the difference in the price to your account.


We guarantee that the products you have ordered have been correct when you left us. If for some reason you get a defective product, contact customer service as soon as possible. We will bear the cost of return or replacement if you have received a defective or incorrect product.

In complaints, we investigate the product and in some cases send it to the importer for investigation. Your opinion is important to us. We will be happy to receive customer feedback and answer any questions you may have.

If your complaint concerns a payment service, you can address it directly to Paytrail Corporation.

Paytrail Oyj

Innova 2

Lutakonaukio 7

40100 Jyväskylä

Phone: 0207 181830

Business ID: 2122839-7


You can contact us by email to asiakaspalvelu@jesperjunior.fi.

Privacy policy

REGISTER STATEMENT pursuant to section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99)

  1. Controller


Vanha Talvitie 2 a 8

00580 Helsinki


  1. The person dealing with registry issues

Jaakko Räihä

email: info@jesperjunior.fi

  1. Name of the registry

Jesper Junior's customer register

  1. Purpose of processing personal data

The purpose of the register is to maintain the customer register and to process and archive customer orders. The information can be used for the management and marketing of Jesper Junior's customer relationships, as well as for the planning and development of the FAOR Oy, Jesper Junior stores and e-commerce business.

  1. Content of the register

- First and last name

- Address information

- Phone number

- Email address

- Customer number

- Order information

- Direct marketing licenses and prohibitions

- Information about the start date of the customership

Faor Oy does not have access to customer bank account information or credit card information, and there are no permanent references to them in our systems.

  1. Regular sources of information

Information can be obtained from customer registrations and customer announcements and purchases during the customer relationship.

  1. Disclosure of information

Personal data will be processed within the limits permitted by the Personal Data Act and will not be disclosed to third parties.

  1. Registry protection

Only employees of certain companies under the responsibility and for the benefit of Jesper Junior have the right to access and maintain the Customer Register. Each user has their own username and password for the system. All users of the registry are bound by confidentiality. The system is protected by a firewall that protects against outside calls.

  1. Right of inspection

The data subject has the right to check what information he has in the register. The inspection request must be made in writing. An audit request must be signed.