Dynamic pacifier silica, 'Lovi', 3-6 months, (2 pcs) Botanic

Dynamic pacifier silica, 'Lovi', 3-6 months, (2 pcs) Botanic

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Product description

The design of the Lovi series dynamic pacifier is based on patented silicone technology. The symmetrical design follows the shape of the nipple. Made of heterogeneous silicone layers that allow the pacifier to expand and contract according to the baby's suction rhythm.

Medically tested and designed in collaboration with speech development researchers.

• Does not interfere with the natural suction reflex.
• The construction prevents biting the pacifier.
• Ensure proper breathing and ingestion.
• Supports the development of speech production and the formation of a healthy mouth area and bite.

Amusement pacifier 2 pcs, pacifier dome - 2 pcs, hygienic pacifier storage box.

size: 3-6 months