Fabpatch, lumo

Fabpatch, lumo

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Product description

Upgrade your clothes and gear in style! Patch, cover and decorate - Vaatelaastari® attaches easily by rubbing, without ironing or sewing!

Clothing patches are designed and manufactured in Finland.

Clothing patches are suitable for patching sweatpants, sweatpants, shoes, chairs and backpacks, for example. The product is suitable for both flexible and non-elastic textiles and also for many underwear!

The LUMO package contains 5 Clothing Patches:

Maxi, 2 pcs, 11 x 7.5 cm, oval, black
Medium 2 pcs, 7.4 x 7 cm, flower, pattern with Piilosilla, designer Nora Bisi
Mini 1 pc, ⌀ 4.5 cm, black


100% recycled polyester, the raw material of which is plastic bottle waste.

The black clothing patches are dyed through. The adhesive of the clothing patch is REACH certified and does not contain ingredients of animal origin or substances of special concern (SVHC).

Setting and fastening

Peel off the Vaatelaaster from its background a little distance, always from the fabric side. Place the exposed part on the item to be repaired without touching the adhesive surface and slide off the backing paper. If the hole is large, attach the Vaatelastari to the other side as well. You can pinch the small hole closed. Fasten by rubbing e.g. with a spoon for 1-2 minutes. Remember to follow the instructions for use!

Washing instructions

Washing instructions max. 40 degrees, can be tumble dried and ironed, no bleach or fabric softeners, vinegar or bile soap. Let it set for at least 3 days before the first watering or washing.